Bl2 gibbed guns codes ps3 after patch

Please update this save editor. After beating the game so many times and earning the guns legititmately, I feel like I' ve earned the right to insta- spawn whatever guns I like : ). 7 Magazine Size -. Will not die unless you are told" after reviving you, which is a reference to an R. List of Borderlands 2 weapon codes for use with Gibbed' s save editor. Before you go and apply the Borderlands 2 unofficial community patch i would like to point out these few things: Don’ t have Borderlands 2 running on your system when you apply these changes.
This is a guide about gibbed/ modded/ altered weapons and items for. In this video i show some modded guns wich i made, sorry for that quality but my PC is a piece of shit : ( but i hope you like it. Mar 28, · Awsome Anime sm/ s5pGM find game save here mediafire. Lately i' ve been having trouble even having mods to my console, i did the tutorial perfectly. Com/ download/ y3nhexp4t9y2w95/ Borderlands_ 2_ modded_ save_ after_ patch_ 2. I just saw an interesting video on modding weapons in Gibbs where the guy puts all kinds of gamey insetion into parts like putting the hammerbuster barrel on the sight of an assualt weapon, and even with all the yellow trinagles appearing on the side, he said don' t worry about it, and when he loaded. Mar 30, · Gibbed Weapon codes Jump to: Select a forum Off- Topic Discussion Introductions & Milestones Sports Forum Media Forum Vehicle Discussion News Forum Gaming Discussion Call of Duty Forum FIFA Forum Grand Theft Auto Forum PlayStation Forum Xbox Forum PC General Forum PC Building Forum PC Gaming Forum PC Support Forum Graphics Forum Mobile Devices. The codes were for lvl 50 so I changed the lvl to 61 and it still didn’ t do anything “ godly. Contribute to gibbed/ Gibbed.

Forums: Index > Archives Watercooler > Anyone have modded guns that work after patch 1. 30) fixed the modding of weapons. I was wondering if anyone had any modded guns after they patched it, If you do, can you post the stats or whatever it called, I lost all of mine, and I can' t find a working combo in WillowTree. PC; Xbox ; Playstation 3. Patches & Updates. Unique Quest Weapons & Other stuff, these codes are not mine but i want someone to confirm if they work or not.

SW] wormybag: How is this even necessary since gibbed codes are so freely available online for these and many other weapons/ gear? Bl2 gibbed guns codes ps3 after patch. For the PC, just use Gibbed Save Editor to open and edit your save files. A little bit at least.

Jul 22, · All MODDED WEAPONS/ ITEMS THAT PASS SANITY CHECK ( BULLET MULTIPLIERS INCREASED). Find more codes at se7ensins; Pearlescent Weapons. Bl2 gibbed guns codes ps3 after patch. Fire rate is 9, clip is 51, reload is 2. I had black weapons from codes, I know all about that stuff. For Borderlands 2 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled " So the new patch went after gibbed items?

Borderlands2 development by creating an account on GitHub. Or how I can use them with my PS3 BL2. For Items like Grenade Mods, Class Mods, Shields, Relicts. Cancel Unsubscribe. This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Borderlands 2 for PlayStation 3. Modded Gear Codes Thread - Post your stuff here Borderlands 2 PlayStation 3. I also fixed the. Deck Upgrades ( SDU) by following these guides for either Console or PC. Just email me with your requests. Borderlands 2 SE - Master Weapon Code List. 4 Reload Speed - 2.

Also you need the Save Editor made by Gibbed: You must login or register to. One of the rifle challenges is called " This is My Rifle, " which is part of a familiar. On most of the guns, I use a manufacturer change and/ or part removal. You won' t be able to mod guns outside the guns part list. Good news is i have 1 that' s maliwan bad news its an electric one, however its an upgrade in some areas to the one you found.

Mods add a new way to play this game, and your mod tool lets people from all across the world create new things from godly shields to mega weapons. So if you' re modding a revolver, you have to use a revolver barrel. ComBloatedGoat: 52, March 22, ( UTC) Not to be rude, but why would anyone want. 3 Glitch back into The. ( Blue rare drop) BL2. The tool to use with Borderlands 2 / TPS mods.

I just want to thank you, Rick, for maintaining your wonderful editor for the community. Automatically handles the tedious process of manually merging the files, and prevents the broken mods resulting from master files. Hit me up in Despairs x Queens shop for anything and TTOWNZ shop i also be will be helping him out to Assualt Rifle Exspansive Shredifier Level - 50 Damage - 5388 Accuracy - 88. Sorry I read this right after I woke up for work.

2 Years ago i found a way to use Hybrid stuff in Borderlands 2 / Pre Sequel. If i take the character down to level 72 using gibbed, then sync all, will that mean after turning in missions that. And people can modify existing weapons into something new and creative. Best Guns In Borderlands 2 With Gibbed Codes mediafire links free download, download Borderlands 2 Region Data Codes, Sheelaa Bajaj Remain the Best Numerologist in Bangalore( 2), Borderlands 2 Gibbed' s Save Editor rev 92 with Gun & Item ID List - best guns in borderlands 2 with gibbed codes mediafire files.

Iam on PS4 so i need a PS3 to do that. Money, skip missions, and add awesome weapons to your backpack. Those codes are for the rarest guns in the game so called " Pearlecent guns". ( guns with elements removed to.

Ps3 Borderlands 2 Gun codes. Open up newest Gibbed' s BL2 editor and search for bank. Would need to use text editor or WillowTree to be able to equip them. You can mix certain guns ( see below). Trusty Legendary' s.
352a97b21c Oliver twist charles dickens full movie subway billboards mockups 89 rar Ja kada sam bila klinac bila sam klinka Christmas Facebook Timeline Cover. Tools & code for use with Borderlands 2. You can still mod your backpack space and gun proficiency. By the way I used Gibbed Save Editor so just copy the BL2 and Pasted it!

9 Fire Rate - 14. For Borderlands 2 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled " Modded Gear Codes Thread - Post your stuff here". To instal it correctly. 72, and op8- - for all platforms ( PC, PS3, and XBOX).

The February 23rd patch ( 1. Allows users to disable unwanted parts of the mods, merge mods into one file. After all, if it wasn' t for millions of sales of BL2 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Unsubscribe from MaWiiKo? It makes BL2 100% fun for me and a few other close gaming friends. Without mods I believe that borderlands 2 might have faded into obscurity a while ago. 2 Duplicating Items. Discussion] Modded Weapons and COM gibbed codes that still work after Patch 1. Submitted 3 months ago * by ChekobyBL2 UCP & Reborn Dev. BL2 would not be nearly as fun without being able to try different gear, switch classes without rerolling, downlevel to play with friends who aren’ t as far along, etc.

Borderlands2) submitted 1 year ago by blackroseblade_ I' m picking BL2 after a good 3- 4 years now. These Patch Notes track the changes included in various official Patches & Updates for Borderlands 2. The Borderlands 2 Save File Editor by Gibbed let' s you level up your Vault.

All changes are made at your own risk, Gearbox Software, 2K Games, The Community Devs, or Me( ntalMars) are not responsible if you break your game. Bl2 gibbed guns codes ps3 after patch. Bl2 gibbed guns codes ps3 after patch. Manufacturer changes, paired with the right parts, give them special effects that they aren' t normally able to have.

Here are the BL2 Codes:. Gibbed and what you will need. Confirmed patched as of August 29, ( and non- working) on. Infinity Pistols ( DAMAGE). Patch notes can be found posted on the official Gearbox forums found here. I' m not gonna ask that you put what the guns stats are, but it would be nice to at least get the name of the gun and a small.
I don' t get the issue though. Jan 07, · Unique Quest Weapons & Other stuff, these codes are not mine but i want someone to confirm if they work or not. Oct 20, · bl2 gibbed guns codes ps3 after patch. Borderlands The Pre- Sequel Community Patch 2. Here you go, I use this gallery for my personal modding purposes in BL2. Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for you crashing, breaking, or/ and.
Awsome Anime sm/ s5pGM find game save here mediafire. Yea its really fun with modded guns but one tip, if you are giving guns out to friends make sure ur not near a checkpoint or you loose ALL your guns like I did. BL2 Modded Guns and Items Borderlands 2. Has a lot of features that makes making your own mods easier! UPDATE, April 9th : Looking for community patch stuff?
Borderlands 2 How to get unlimited ammo using Gibbed * Tutorial*. Scribed borderlands 2 weapon parts list. Borderlands 2 Gibbed Save Editor Weapon Tutorial I' ve been using the BL2 Gibbed Save Editor for a month or two now for increasing character levels, buffing weapon levels to match my level, etc. The thing I want to know is if there are better one’ s? Gibbed R33 You will need the following items for modding your saves on console: Many things work the same way in this editor as they.

Have the code for anyone who wants it for all the Pearlesent weapons/ shields. After this step all keys available before making a copy of profile data will be restored. Slag Patriot Sniper - BL2. A place to share how- to' s, code, cool ideas, and anything related to modding Borderlands 2. I never played borderlands before, but people say it’ s fun. You post the day after I find out lol.