Concateno drug screen test results

This product is used to obtain a visual, qualitative result and is intended for professional use. Easy to use three- step process. Integrated testing solution: iCup® with temperature strip, Two- part result form available, Security. A true- positive drug screen may occur in a urine specimen from a patient who legally or unknowingly ingests a product that is metabolized to a drug of abuse. Initial Drug Screen Result Forms are formatted in an organized fashion so you remember to document all relevant donor information.

An important consideration is that even if a test results in the positive identification of a drug, it does not necessarily mean that the client has taken the drug during the time- frame indicated. If the minimum amount is low, there will be a faint line on drug test. MultiDrug Screen Card One- Step Panel Test A visual one- step panel immunoassay for the simultaneous, qualitative detection of multiple drugs and metabolites in human urine. With an easy to use three- step process and over 10 different tests, you can implement a fully customised test programme with minimal expense.
FDA Cleared ( certifies the drug testing device passes FDA standards). Alere™ Point of Care Urine Tests Our urine point of care tests screen for up to ten drugs at once, providing results in just five minutes. How to read a urine drug test result with photo examples of the tests. The test device you select should be from an innovative and experienced leader. Flat Sided Panel Makes This Cup Perfect for Photocopying Results Completed by collector — initial test results presumptive not drug name donor results shown above alcohol screen ( if.

A combination is composed from any the following drugs:. Simplify human resources best practices with our Initial Drug Screen Result Forms. Non- DOT or Forensic Drug Screen. These forms are designed for swift completion by HR professionals who oversee candidate drug testing and employee record keeping. Alere Drug Screen Urine Test Cassette How it works Ask donor to provide a urine sample, collect the sample urine using pipette. Urine drug tests are checking for a certain level, or the detection level, of the drug or drugs.

Of course, donors may attempt to introduce something onto the pad or collection vial. Our experts use scientifically validated data to support the analysis on a case- by- case basis. The Multi- Drug 5 panel Test is an immunochromatographic assay for rapid drug test, qualitative detection of drugs and their principal metabolites in urine at specified cut- off concentrations. If you continue to use the site, we' ll assume you' re happy to accept the cookies anyway.

Also, confirmation testing of non- negative screens take only 3 working days. A lot of companies would require applicants to take a drug test or screening test even before they hire a job candidate for the position. Can an oral fluid test be beaten?

Print test reports at point of test or from stored results. Immerse the sample strip vertically into the urine sample. Please read these instructions carefully in conjunction with the pictures below before beginning the test. Its major urinary excretion. The Alere Drug Screen Urine Test Cup provides rapid screening in a convenient cup that targets up to 10 drugs at once and provides results in just five minutes. The result of these tests is either positive or negative.

The Concateno SyntheticCannabinoids Drug Screen Test ( 92 Milton Park, Abbingdone, Oxfordshire, OX14 4RY, UK) is intended for screening for the presence of cannabinoids in urine. A drug test is a technical analysis of a biological specimen, for example urine, hair, blood, breath, sweat, and/ or oral fluid/ saliva— to determine the presence or absence of specified parent drugs or their metabolites. Cannabis, opiates, cocaine, amphetamines, methamphetamines ( MDMA, ecstasy), benzodiazepines and ketamine. Urine initial drug screen result form. Possible Causes of Faint Line on Drug Test 1. This risk is highly unlikely since every collection is directly and easily observed. It is a 5 Panel drug screen that must be sent to the lab, and reviewed by an medical review officer. It is a lateral flow immunoassay for the qualitative detection of SC metabolites in human urine, at a cut- off level of 30ng/ ml. The iCup drug test cup is the simplest, self- contained one- step drug test. Testing for drugs in urine using a SureScreen Integrated Cup Drug Test.

Test up to six drugs in one convenient test. Equip yourself with dependable real- time screening results. Used in a multitude of. Welcome to MedScreen. Randox DOA V kit insert. Cups and dip cards), as well as mouth swab drug tests, are designed to yield results just a few minutes after a specimen collection.

Instant urine drug tests ( i. Initial screen results are available within 1 – 2 working days of sample collection. Drug name alcohol screen ( if performed). MyConcateno Features. Find out all of the information about the Concateno product: rapid drug detection test / multi- drug / urine Alere™ Drug Screen Urine Test Cup.

Lab Analysis: All DOT tests are collected with a split specimen ( A and B bottle) and sent overnight to a SAMHSA certified laboratory for testing of the 5- panel drug screen. Why wait for health problems to arise when you can help prevent them? A drug testing consent form is used by companies and organizations to conduct mandatory drug and alcohol tests for all of their employees.

The Concateno Synthetic Cannabinoids Drug Screen Test ( 92 Milton Park, Abbingdone, Oxfordshire, OX14 4RY, UK) is intended for screening for the presence of cannabinoids in urine. Alere Drug Screen Urine Test Strip How it works Remove the test device from its protective pouch. Readthe results at 5 minutes. For more information see www.

Qon- site screening device specimen validity test results. This 10 panel drug test is an all- inclusive, point of use screening test, that quickly & accurately detects the presence of the ( ten) most common drugs of abuse; Because of its low cost and accuracy, this test is ideal for testing family members, employees, and school students. Answers to your questions about a faint line on a drug test and what it means. Open the bag containing the plastic drug cup.

We can say with confidence that RTL' s high- quality Panel- Dip devices will enable you to easily administer, evaluate and certify on- site drug tests. MyConcateno is our secure online laboratory results service, available for customers using our oral fluid laboratory. The assay should not be used without proper. Concateno drug screen test results. We are a locally owned and operated company based in Gastonia, North Carolina. LCD colour screen is readable day and night.

Detailed health screenings and checks local to you. INSTANT- VIEW Multi- Drug Screen Urine TestREV I 010807 Page 2 administered either orally or by intravenous or intra- muscular injection. The Standard panel of 5 drug groups we test for is below:. Take control of your health today with simple and effective health checks and screenings from Bluecrest Health Screening. The duration of effect of methadone is 12- 24 hours. Composition of Urine May Interfere with the Results.

In case of some drugs, the minimum drug quantity is rather high such as amphetamines ( 1000ng/ ml) whereas it’ s low in other drugs such as marijuana ( 50ng/ ml). Of course, all of the drug test kits we provide come with both detailed test instructions and quick start instructions, but we have also offered a simple description of how to read drug test results below. It includes the following features:. This website uses cookies. Lower cutoff available! Average turnaround time for negative results is 24 hours.
For your convenience, we provide our clients with mobile testing. The drug test results provided by drug- aware test kits are very simple to read. Matrix Diagnostics Workplace Drug Alcohol Testing Matrix Diagnostics can supply you with the necessary primary screening products to carry out your own drug testing with either oral fluid or urine for drug testing or breath alcohol detection devices. Concateno drug screen test results. ICup drug test kit from Alere is a easy to use instant drug screening kit. It is a lateral flowimmunoassay for the qualitativedetection of SC metabolites in human urine, at a cut- offlevel of 30ng/ ml.

Results in just five minutes. Easy to operate: Five way navigation key, left and right select keys and on- screen prompts. Medical Review Officer: Concorde has two MROs on staff to review the drug test results and report out to the DER. Due to the sensitive nature of this drugs cup, you must be careful when carrying out the test to avoid contamination and thus inaccurate test results. Application: Roadside testing Results available in: 5 minutes Fast detection of up to 7 drug groups. Simply Drug Testing is one of the leading suppliers of drug and alcohol testing kits in the UK.

How to read a urine drug test result with photo examples of the tests. Supports multiple languages. Rapid urine screening of up to twelve drugs at once. Quick Response ( QR) code. We have studied a wide range of adulterants and have not found any that can beat our oral fluid drug test system. Passive exposure to a substance is unlikely to cause a positive drug screen ( SOR: B, small controlled- exposure studies).
We don’ t just sell drug testing supplies, we also offer training in drug and alcohol awareness & testing procedures should you require this prior to carrying out your own testing. Non- DOT urine drug screens have much more flexibility and can test a variety of drug combinations; Please call to speak with a representative to determine what test is best for your individual or company needs. Contact a supplier or the parent company directly to get a quote or to find out a price or your closest point of sale. Alere™ Drug Screen Urine Test Strip The Alere Drug Screen Urine Test Strip provides rapid screening of drugs and results in just five minutes.

And no line( s) in the control is an invalid affordable test cup result. For instance, it has an effective detection window for drugs for up to 48 hours. Over 40 drug configurations. We' ll come to your business on your schedule. Accurate detection of drug use. We are a full drug and alcohol screening facility.

It' s drug testing efficiency you can count on.